Sitemap of the Space Technology Directorate I Website

Satellite Navigator

For the general public, we provide an overview of satellites, their roles, satellite project stories, events and the latest information.

●There are contents for learning about Satellites and satellite trivia, enjoyable for children and adults.

●We introduce an overview of satellite project, behind-the-scenes stories of the research and the development.


For the general public and researchers, we provide the lates images of various Earth observation satellite data, basic information of the data and access for it.

●We provide detailed information of the latest images of Earth observation satellites, the recent research and development results.

●We introduce various services for accessing JAXA’s Earth observation satellite data.

●We introduce various data products (information, data processed for various purposes).

Earth Observation Research Center (EORC)

For researchers who utilize Earth observation data, we provide the achievements in Earth science research and data applications, detailed description of satellite data for each satellite, and maps and datasets such as JAXA GLOBAL RAINFALL WATCH, Precise Global Digital 3D Map.

● We introduce websites for each research project here.

Advanced Land Observing satellite (ALOS)
The Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission
The Global Change Observation Misson (GCOM)
Global Observing SATellite for Greenhouse gases (GOSAT)
Earth Cloud Aerosol and Radiation Explorer (EarthCARE)
 *Joint missions of Japan and Europe

Special site

In addition to the above site, we also provide websites on the following topics.

Special Feature : Websites focusing on specific satellite observation information such as global environmental change.

GCOM-C estimation of Climate Impacts of Aerosols Associated with Extreme Global wildfires (overview article)
Climate Change 2023 (1): Sea Surface Temperature Rise and El Nino Event
Climate Change 2023 (2): Antarctic winter Sea Ice Extent Lower Ever Recorded
Contribution to SDGs Goal 6 “Clean water and Sanitation”

●Gallery: Collection of images captured by Earth observation satellites
(Japanese Only)

GCOM-C obsarvation images

ALOS daichi photo Gallery

SNS Site (Japanese Only)

●X(formerly Twitter) :  Follow the JAXA Space Technology Directorate I’s updates

●YouTube :  Video contents such as “Satelife” created by young JAXA members on the JAXA Satnavi Channel

Related Site

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●Consortium for Satellite Earth Observation (CONSEO)

CONSEO will envisage the future of Satellite Earth Observation and realize it through co-creation.

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for JAXA Satellite product